Lavender Sidetrack came together on a straightly crooked path that led to a very interesting adventure through a forest of Shoulds and whispers of What if and Why Not. For a long time, they seemed to be at opposite ends of a spectrum few feel like they understand. Then, like the big bang, they were forced together in the strangest test tube over a bunson burner that hums a constant E flat and Lavender Sidetrack was born.

Now, all of this apparent nonsense has a home and it’s not nonsense anymore. A unique perspective on this intersection makes Lavender Sidetrack events things that must be experienced before they can be understood. That’s the point of the thing – create events that let people think in new ways, wonder new things, and free their imaginations to run wild.


Our Mission

Host unconventionally-inspired events that combine unexpected elements from a variety of sources to stimulate creativity and curiosity when people need it most.

I’ve been there. I’ve been so absorbed in my career that I completely neglected my creative side. I didn’t write for years until I decided that I wanted a different life.
— Hilary Constable, Founder of Lavender Sidetrack

our vision

Rejuvenate your passion through truly innovative events designed with expansive thought, vulnerability, intelligence, and inclusion.