Get Sidetracked

My 2018 New Year's Resolution: Write one page a day.

That's an easy one, especially when the notebook is just 3" by 5". The beauty of the size is that I'll never have to worry about where the story is going. In 2012, the first time I chose this challenge, the notebook was even smaller and I ended up writing some fun flash fiction that my plot-oriented, character developing mind never would have let me get away with in anything longer.

This is also related to the Sidetrack Effect, or the belief that hobbies are a good influence on the rest of our lives. 

Watch this writerly sidetrack unfold every Monday as I post my best writing from the previous week and pair it with a fitting photo. (Writing and Photography are my main hobbies, with a little painting and fabric arts thrown in from time to time, see banner image for the Fiction+Photo page.)

Will these random writings and photos be good for my day job as the Founder of Lavender Sidetrack?

What am I learning (that's worth saying out loud or publishing here) about my work and how this sidetrack is affecting it?

Once a month, I'll post my thoughts on all of this, along with results of reading and research I've done on the topic.

Each post will be short and not necessarily to the point, but entertaining in some way, I hope. That will all depend on what shows up on the page. A sidetracking experiment is surely not what the Designers at Moleskine had in mind for the 2018 daily planner, but that's what will happen. Throughout 2018, I will strive to fill those beautiful, clean pages with words worthy of the fine red ribbon anchored in the binding.

Let the countdown to January 1, 2018 begin!