When you wonder what’s behind door #3 or ask how a friend came up with that fascinating idea, your curiosity is taking the lead. Turns out, curiosity also helps you get ahead in all sorts of ways.

You're designing a home for a new Client. What if we tried this same design with a spiral staircase here instead of the existing straight up-down? The Client is a fan of the round and this switch lights up her imagination for the next project.

You're going out for dinner at a great new spot. Could we leave earlier and stop at that new shop on the way? It might have just the right gift for that quirky friend.

You're wracking your brain for a new dinner idea. How many other restaurants are adding a salted caramel dessert to their menus? Maybe we could salty-caramelize something savory on the grill instead.

Sometimes, that little snip of curiosity slides in at the most opportune times. The questions and wonderings come easily. How lucky!

When it’s not quite that coordinated, try a Sidetrack!

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