Let's play a game: It’s about time to send off this last email and head home when a sinkhole opens up under the back two wheels of your ergonomic chair and you find yourself lying almost parallel to the floor. You shift your weight to roll to the right and the hole envelopes the front right wheel too. This is too much for the flimsy floor below you. The whole thing gives way and soon you’re falling through the space of all that lies behind the corporate curtain you didn’t even realize was there. What do you see as you fall?

All of our creativity events are immersive experiences that set the stage for creative breakthroughs and continued creative practices afterward.

To put that unique Lavender Sidetrack spin on it, each event’s location inspires its theme. When you look at the upcoming events, the “where” will be important in a whole new way. We’re always open to exploring new places, so send a note through our contact page if you have an idea.

meet the characters - Coming soon!!

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